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Your business needs are our priority.

Communication is the key to success. Whether you’re seeking investors, clients or even just feedback on your latest idea- communication will keep everything running smoothly and in sync with one another!


Mobile Services Explained

Handsets & Devices

Handsets & Devices

The world of phones and devices is ever-changing, but one thing that doesn’t seem to change as quickly are our needs for communication. Our handset and devices can help your business improve communication.

Device Management

Device Management

Device management is a key component of an organisation’s security strategy. By managing your devices and connectivity, you can proactively keep your business safe from cybercriminals.

Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband

We know that your time is valuable and we want to make sure you can get online anytime, anywhere. That’s why our Mobile broadband management service works for you.

Tariffs & Services

Tariffs & Services

Maintaining the right pricing for your services can be challenging. At Aurora, we have a team that helps you create an efficient mobile plan tailored to meet all of our customer’s specific needs!

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is a system in which everyday objects can be fitted with technology and accessed online. These physical items include cameras, thermostats or even your coffee maker!

How will our Mobile Services benefit your business?


Improve Customer Service

Improve your customers’ experience by using our services. Plus, we provide 24/7 support so you can always get in touch with someone quickly for any issues that arise.


Increase Productivity

The power of the digital world is in your hands. You can increase productivity by making it more accessible for workers to access information and collaborate with one another through the use of mobiles.


Work Remotely

Mobile phone technology has changed the way we work.
Mobiles allow employees to access their company’s information, including emails and other important files from anywhere at any time.


Reduce Costs

Our tariffs are tailored to suit your needs meaning we’ll find the best package for your budget.


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